Udell Others
Years in business Third generational family business

for over 57 years

Not close
Northeast Territory Focus Yes, 12 people focused solely on the Northeast with 7 full time sales employees No
Northeast Growth Sales are growing! All other reps are static or declining
Social Media Yes, Full-time social media employee who works with customers & manufacturers No
Customer Service Award Winning They Try
Manufacturers we represent Prestigious and well-known! Compare for yourself!
Customer base Very diverse. All segments of industry and more! Many hi-spot
Relationships between Principals and Customers Yes, our principals know each and every customer How can they?
Maintain noncompetitive lines Yes, manage one set of lines without conflict in other territories. A big NO!  They represent competing lines in different territories.
Order Entry Customized Order entry system Limited
Group Communication Daily No way!
Most complex, diverse and challenging area in the country YES! The Northeast includes New York City. Need we say more? This ain’t Kansas!
Udell Presence Yes, we are present at all sales meetings, store trainings and shows Maybe
Office Support 4 full-time staff to back up sales people and relieve them of busy work so they can focus on selling No way!
Best looking group Yes None come close
Sense of humor See preceding feature