Debbie Schlise

Graham Beauty

Gary, you and your group are way too kind.  Talk about working with the Best of the Best in the Business…..   I’m pretty sure I have inherited that privilege by working with the Udell Group !!!!   You are all the absolute best!

Alan R. Murphy

President of Blue Co. Brands

Thanks Gary! You're certainly on the top of the list of mentors that helped get us to where we are today. Thank you to the entire Udell team. Hard to believe it was 10 years ago this month we all started on this journey together. Thank you for all you've done to make our success possible.

Victoria Fishman

CEO, Denman

It is with great pleasure that we congratulate you on a great year with Denman sales in 2015. This is a great achievement and we congratulate you all on your hard work.

Kevin J. Schuele

CEO, Blue Co Brands: The Makers of Barbicide

As always, a highlight! Thanks for making our Brand so Special!

Zvi Ryzman

American International

What shall I say?????????? Big Thank you to the entire team!!! YOU are Super!!!

Rafi Ryzman

American International

Thanks for everything!!! Keep up the sales!!!!

Linda Woods

American International

We appreciate your time as well and loved seeing you, the Udell team, and all our customers at the show!

Sunny Stinchcombe


I was really happy to see how many of our NE customers came to the show this year, and want to thank everyone for bringing them to see us at the Spilo booth! I believe this bodes well for the 2nd half of 2015 for us! Whatever you need, I'm here to try and take care of it for you!

Kevin Schuele

CEO, Blue Co Brands: The Makers of Barbicide

What fun, A joy to be with you and your team on a professional level as well as having LOTS OF FUN!"


President, Pierre F Skincare

For the time you spent with me at the show. I had a great time, and sincerely appreciate your courtesy, and efforts. We opened up some new accounts, and got a lot of excitement about our Back Bar Sizes. You are a great group, very professional, and very caring. Remember this comes from a guy who was a rep for a lot of years. My best to you all,