Professional Beauty. Professional Sales.

Our company's core principle is the same as when Gerry Udell founded the company over fifty years ago, which is to conduct business in an honest and forthright manner. The company's reputation for integrity is unequaled in the Professional Beauty Industry. We are proud that when we decide to represent a new line, it is given instant credibility.

Gerry Udell, Inc. still maintains the hard work ethic that was also a core value when the company was founded. In addition, we pride ourselves in being very proactive with both our customers and manufacturers. We do not wait around for things to happen, we make them happen!

Perseverance, Commitment, and Communication are traits that are ingrained in each member of our organization. Sales do not always happen overnight. Sometimes it takes numerous attempts before the sale is made. The group's commitment to be the best and the most professional sales agency remains firm to our manufacturers, customers and to the Professional Beauty Industry. All of us also feel strongly regarding frequent communication with everyone we deal with. Any long term relationship depends on good and constant communication!

Everyone in the group also believes that although doing business is serious, you should have fun and enjoy doing what you are doing and we do! We have solid relationships with all our customers, some of which we have had since the company was founded. We are also proud to represent many of our manufacturers over twenty five to thirty years! (There are two we have represented since we started doing business.)

We like to think of our group being a close family which our customers and manufacutures become a part of!