Professional Beauty. Professional Sales.


GERRY UDELL INC offers a Professional Beauty Consulting Service.

The Professional Beauty Business is a complex business with various distribution channels as well as different price structures. Your company may or may not be ready to enter the industry.

Our consulting company will be happy to devote enough time to help make your company successful. We will explain the intricacies of doing business successfully in the Professional Beauty field. Whether you are a small entrepreneurial company or a big corporation, a clear understanding of the Professional Business is crucial to your success in our industry.

A consulting session will include the following topics:

  • Basic important information regarding the different segments of the Professional Beauty Business. (Haircare, Skincare, Nails)
  • Different Modes of Distribution
  • Retailing in Salons
  • Services Provided in Salons
  • The Internet factor
  • How to go about successfully marketing and positioning your product
  • Redistribution of your product---an alternative to consider
  • Salon Education
  • Selecting the correct Advertising Choices
  • Diversity in the Marketplace
  • Multi-Cultural Opportunities
  • Standard payment and freight policies
  • Can you be Successful in both the Professional and Retail business?

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